Looking to pass the time until soccer season starts? The brain trust at StriveFar is, and decided to procrastinate and create a “Best of / Worst of” list. We collaborated with a select group of parents to identify the TOP soccer fields and our LEAST favorite soccer fields in the Front Range. We have included the soccer club that uses the fields for practice and games.

Similar to the College Football playoffs this is not an exact science and is not without subjectivity!

Ground Rules:

  • A field can be one field or a complex with multiple fields.
  • The Front Range, is Denver and the surrounding areas but does not include Fort Collins or Colorado Springs; this was tough since one of  the winning fields feels like it is located in Kansas.


A simple algorithm weighting the following variables was used to determined to winning field :

  • Quality of the playing surface – either turf or grass
  • Field amenities (concessions, bathrooms, pay telephones)
  • Available parking
  • Viewing and seating area for the fans
  • Location/Setting

Pleasant View Sports Complex

Once again, Boulder is #1 on a “best of list”! It is no coincidence, in 2015, Pleasant View was awarded 2015 Colorado Sports Turf Managers Association-Rocky Mountain Sports Field of the Year. Hard not to be in the top with this ringing endorsement.

  • The Picture perfect view of the world famous Flatirons are what launched Pleasant View to the top of the list
  • The grass fields are in good shape, green, and well maintained
  • There is a limited number of bathrooms with plumbing
  • Concessions are available and Kona Ice seems to have a permanent truck on site, which helps distract the kids so you can enjoy the game
  • Parking is usually an issue – small aisles and limited space. During tournaments overflow parking is located in a graveyard.
  • FC Boulder Soccer Club plays and practices at Pleasant View Sports Complex

Aurora Sports Park

2nd place is not bad for fields located on the Colorado/Kansas border, if you have spent a weekend watching soccer at ASP, you know why. This multi-use complex is enormous and continues to expand. There is a reason, ASP is in the middle of nowhere, so access to undeveloped land is available and cheap.

Victoria’s Market, within a ¼ mile of the fields, is a MUST VISIT – access to this treasure almost launched ASP to the top spot. Burritos, tacos, menudo… are homemade in the back of this grocery store. Drop the kids off and race over to Victoria’s Market for a breakfast burrito.

  • Top notch grass and turf fields that are meticulously maintained
  • There is easy access to several bathrooms from every field
  • Concession stands are accessible from most fields
  • Easy to park next to the fields, during a tournament you may require a short walk from the overflow lots
  • Viewing from the sidelines is easy, and if you are lucky, grab a front row parking spot on a cold day and watch from your car
  • Colorado Rapids Soccer Club plays and practices at Aurora Sports Park

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

Kinda hard not to have quality soccer fields when you are the home to a Major League Soccer team, Colorado Rapids. Located in Commerce City, Dicks is an excellent spot to spend a tournament weekend, watching soccer.

  • Top notch grass and turf fields
  • Easy access to bathrooms
  • Decent concessions and usually a couple of food trucks
  • Easy to park and walk to the fields
  • Nice viewing areas for the fans
  • Colorado Rapids soccer club plays and practices at Aurora Sports Park

Broomfield Commons

This multi-use complex is a beautiful place to watch a soccer game. If you are not from the area, the drive to the Broomfield Commons is interesting and educational.

  • The fields at Broomfield Commons are well maintained, cut to the perfect height and VERY green.
  • The bathrooms are clean, and yes, there is plumbing
  • The parking can be a hassle, spaces close to the fields are limited, additional parking requires a short walk.
  • Broomfield Soccer Club plays and practices at The Broomfield Commons

Stenger Sports Complex

Located in Arvada, Stenger has fields of all shapes and sizes for 4 vs 4, 6 vs 6, 9 vs 9, and 11 vs 11 soccer matches. There is a creek dividing a section of Stenger which is a perfect place for kids to play in between games, lose soccer balls and ruin their $300 soccer cleats. On tournament days it seems the parents are having as much fun as the kids holding their Red Solo cup and cheering – the strategically located bathrooms are definitely appreciated.

  • Concessions centrally located
  • Easy access to bathrooms from most fields
  • Lots of available parking, finding a spot on tournament weekends is NUTS
  • Grass fields are in good condition
  • Nice sideline viewing area for the parents
  • Top notch tailgating for the parents
  • Real Colorado Edge plays and practices at Stenger Sports Complex

The Least Favorite Soccer Fields

Analogous to sports, there has to be winners and losers. Below are the fields that our esteemed panel felt were not satisfactory for playing soccer.

Robert F Clement Park

Imagine playing soccer in a sloping dirt lot with gopher holes providing the perfect opportunity for an ankle sprain. This is Robert F Clement Park located in Littleton.

  • Most of the bathrooms at Clement Park are portable toilets
  • Parking is hit or miss based on the field, time of day, and crowds. You may end up walking a fair distance to reach your field.
  • The poorly maintained grass fields slope and are generally unfit for soccer.
  • There are no conveniently located concession stands
  • The soccer goals are cheap and poorly constructed
  • Colorado Rush plays and practices at Clement Park

Dove Valley Regional Park

Logically a multi-use park, a stones throw from the Denver Broncos practice facility should be in pristine condition. Why? I am not sure, but this unfortunately is not the case with Dove Valley Regional Park located in Englewood.

  • There are bathrooms but they are not conveniently located near the field. In fact, they are located at the top of a hill. Parents love carting their youngster up and down the hill to use the bathroom.
  • There is a large dirt parking lot, but it fills up fast,  and is a long trek to most of the fields.
  • The dirt patch speckled fields are average at best and lack normal care and maintenance.
  • Colorado Storm plays and practices at Dove Valley Regional park

Rooney Road Soccer Complex

Tucked into the Foothills of Golden in between C470 and i70 is an all-turf soccer complex. There is such a thing as bad turf, unfortunately Rooney’s turf is not good (nice way of saying bad) which secures a spot for Rooney in our bottom 5. The complex has very few amenities and the turf has been described as playing on concrete. It is not all bad, after a snow, the field is generally “playable” within 24 hours thanks to 305 days of Colorado sunshine.

  • As noted above, the fields are in terrible condition for turf fields
  • Portable bathrooms that are rarely clean
  • Parking is available, close to the fields, but the lot is dirt, loaded with ruts and can be very muddy.
  • Viewing is hit or miss – the viewing area is very close to the sidelines BUT if you are one of the lucky ones, and grab a prime parking spot, you can view the game from your car.
  • Fields 2-5 have excellent views of the mountains
  • Colorado Ice plays and practices at Rooney Road Complex

Riverside Soccer Complex at Fort Logan

Fort Logan soccer “Complex” is a stretch for anyone that has experienced a soccer game on these fields. This is a large park with white lines and soccer goals. There are no amenities!

  • Fields are grass, the ground is uneven and poorly maintained.
  • Parking can be very difficult and require a decent walk if you are not one of the lucky ones that arrives early and secures a spot next to the field
  • There are no restrooms, only portable toilets.
  • There are no concession stands
  • Riverside Soccer Club plays and practices at Fort Logan

The question, does it really matter? Colorado is fortunate to have grass and/or turf on every field, a luxury that is not available in most parts of the world. When the players walk out on the pitch all they want to do is play.

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Joshua is married with three active children. He has experienced the good, the bad, and the politics of youth sports as a coach (12 years youth basketball coach) and a parent. All three kids have played soccer (Competitive, Development Academy, ECNL, High School) and basketball (Competitive & High School). Joshua is a co-founder at StriveFar, a marketplace connecting athletes with coaches for individual and small group training. Joshua has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver since 2008. Joshua holds an undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Colorado and an MBA in IT from the University of Denver.

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