Missing The World Cup Is Only Part Of The Problem For US Soccer

The USA Soccer Men’s National Team loss last night to Trinidad & Tobago is sad. Put it in perspective, compared to the tragedy and loss around the world, it is simply another game.
Soccers popularity in the United States has risen appreciably over the past decade. It is unfortunate that the United States Men’s National Team recruiting from a population of 320 million can’t qualify for the past 2 Olympics and upcoming 2018 World Cup.
US Soccer, Major League Soccer (MLS), Jürgen Klinsmann are the easiest to critique since they are the most visible. Unfortunately making a change at the top does not fix the real issues. (1) The United States is NOT developing technical and tactical soccer players. (2) Youth Soccer’s “pay to play” model is keeping soccer a middle and upper class youth sport and excluding thousands of potential players.
It is incumbent on the rec leagues and soccer clubs to organize and provide better training at the younger ages. Leagues and clubs must also figure out how to drive down their costs so soccer is available for everyone, not just the elite player or athletes that can afford to pay the fees.
It is time to create a strategy so US Men’s soccer follows the USA Women’s Soccer Team and becomes becomes relevant on the world stage. Think big, think outside of the box, it is time to disrupt.

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Joshua is married with three active children. He has experienced the good, the bad, and the politics of youth sports as a coach (12 years youth basketball coach) and a parent. All three kids have played soccer (Competitive, Development Academy, ECNL, High School) and basketball (Competitive & High School). Joshua is a co-founder at StriveFar, a marketplace connecting athletes with coaches for individual and small group training. Joshua has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver since 2008. Joshua holds an undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Colorado and an MBA in IT from the University of Denver.

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