Tutors, Teachers & Coaches help our kids improve at school, music, language, sports….

Whether it is a Tutor or a Teacher, we seek outside help when our child needs help or wants to improve. Why not in sports?

Children face challenges when they try to learn something new. Starting from scratch or building from a base; the learning can be tough in education, language, art, sports, music…

As parents we want our child to enjoy the process, build confidence, and have success in whatever they do. Often, the learning environment can be distracting, overcrowded, and void of the coach/teacher to athlete/student one on one teaching dynamic. With limited interaction with the instructor, the child may fall behind as they struggle with the learning.

When our child needs help in school, music, art, or language, the natural and most effective instinct is to find and hire a tutor or teacher. Sites such as Wyzant and TakeLessons are online marketplaces that fill this need by connecting students with tutors & instructors.

With the proper commitment from both the teacher and the student, the outcomes are very positive, and the student improves their:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Mastery of the subject
  • Attitude toward the subject
  • Work and study habits

How come, as parents, we do not take the same approach when our child needs help improving in sports? The goal for most athletes in youth and high school athletics is to have fun, compete, and improve. A coach providing instruction in a one on one or small group setting helps the athlete improve:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Mastery of the sport
  • Training habits
  • Mental approach

Is the reason private coaching is not widely used a simple misconception?

Private coaching is too expensive and reserved for elite athletes.

The reality:

Private coaching is affordable, and it helps athletes of all skill levels and ability.

The team environment is similar to the classroom. If the child is struggling with a technique or concept, the most efficient path to improvement is one to one or small group instruction from a qualified instructor.



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Joshua is married with three active children. He has experienced the good, the bad, and the politics of youth sports as a coach (12 years youth basketball coach) and a parent. All three kids have played soccer (Competitive, Development Academy, ECNL, High School) and basketball (Competitive & High School). Joshua is a co-founder at StriveFar, a marketplace connecting athletes with coaches for individual and small group training. Joshua has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver since 2008. Joshua holds an undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Colorado and an MBA in IT from the University of Denver.

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