To Sit or Not To Sit

Let’s face it, we spend A LOT of time sitting, watching and cheering our kids on as they play whatever sport it is they enjoy. It can be stressful, exciting, nerve racking and sometimes even bitter sweet. The question for everyone of us is, what to sit on or not to sit on?….. What you choose to sit on during these high emotion games is the key to making the experience, overall, more enjoyable. My kids play soccer and basketball, so I am either sitting on hard bleachers or wet, scratchy sideline grass.

After many seasons of sitting on the same chair, I realized I was not as comfortable as I would have liked. I recently made the move to a completely different type of chair. I did a little research, sat in it and really liked it. My recent chair of choice is the Helinox Swivel Chair  You can purchase at REI). $149.95

I consider myself an antsy spectator; I have a hard time watching my kids play and NOT moving at least one part of my body. With the Helinox Swivel chair, I have the ability to rock, swivel, and just move….. while still sitting and watching. The best part, it folds up to the size of a football. Obviously, this chair is not for everyone and as anyone will notice at any sporting event, there is a wide variety of seating apparatus’ to fulfill the needs of all spectators:

REI Low Stowaway Camping Chair rei-stowaway – This chair is very easy to carry and even easier to use. Just unfold and sit! However, it sits very low and can be a challenge to get out of at times. This being the chair, I recently ditched. I don’t feel bad as REI stopped making it!

Canopy Chairs are very popular, this chair is geared towards the spectator that wants comfort as well as protection from the elements. Living in Colorado with 300+ days of sunshine this is important!

The Renetto Original Canopy Chair renetto-canopy $30 and up 

The Kelsyus Premium Backpack Canopy $50 kelsyus-backpack    This particular chair has more bells and whistles than any of the other styles. Pockets galore and very simple release and assemble process as well as several fun color choices.

Back Pack Chairs make walking to the fields a breeze. These chairs range from very simple to a more elaborate layout.

Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair $70  tommy-bahama-backpack         and

The Kelsyus Quad Mesh Backpack Chair $23kelsyus-quad-backpack


Lastly, for the spectator  just wanting to get to the field and sit on anything other than the grass, we have the Stool Chairs. The easiest to assemble and disassemble – fast and efficient – depending on preference, they are available with or without a backrest as well.

The Wilko Folding Stool Tripod wilko-stool             and

The Ultimate Portable folding stool w/ backrest by TravelChair $30

Whatever your seating style preference is, there are an abundance of choices out there. Just make sure you do the research, try a few styles out and find what best fits for you and your kid’s sports schedule.

Happy sitting!

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