The World’s Best EVER Soccer boots!

12.  Asics Testimonial

Unbelieveable Kangaroo leather, great touch, classic modern Japanese looks.  The Testimonial has and will always be a classic.  A proper football boot.


11.  Puma Evo Speed

Lightweight, flashy looking and got some great players wearing them including Aguero.  But mainly, these are in this list for this new, awesome Antoine Griezmann video!

10. Umbro Speciali

Slightly old-skool and not much going around with the Speciali’s these days, but in their day, they were the most comfy, responsive, softest leather boot out there.  The boots Michael Owen wore in his England and Liverpool prime.

9.  Nike Magista

These make the list because they were the first ‘sock’ boot to make it successfully.  Flashy, lightweight and responsive.  Great for wingers and strikers, not for the big centre-back lump!

8. Pantofola d’Oro

Classic italian design, build, feel and looks.  Another boot that has the very best leather, but has made this list for its distinctive and bold looks.  Nothing else out there on the market that mixes old-skool looks with modern design quite so well.

7.  Adidas F50’s

Adidas’ lightweight boot that Messi has made famous.  Earlier designs like the ones below look far better than the new models out there, but still an awesome, good-looking lightweight, sprinters boot.


6.  Puma Kings

If they’re good enough for Pele, they’re probably good enough for us!  Great looking, especially with that big white fold over tongue.  But the Kangaroo leather on these boots is probably the best out there.  Not so sure about the new models though!


5.  Nike Tiempo R10’s

One of the first players to have his own line of boots, Ronaldinho’s R10 Tiempo’s were always great looking with an awesome touch worthy of the man himself.  And that crossbar video…….

4.  Nike Tiempo

My personal favourite boot and chosen weapon for the last few years.  The classic 94 Tiempo design is such a great design – Maldini, Romario and Cantona wearing it each week.  A boot for the best player’s in the world.  Not so sure about the latest version though.

3.  Adidas Copa Mundials

Probably the world’s most classic and long-lasting design of soccer boot.  Simple but so effective and well made.  It still continues to be a favourite for players all around the world these days.  The new black design looks good and similar to the classic, but hopefully the latest red design of the Copa is just an early April fool’s.  Was loving the white-out and black-out Copa’s though.

2. Nike Mercurial

The Ronaldo’s have made this boot one of the most iconic in the world. With Brazilian Ronaldo’s famous 1998 World Cup Final fiasco performance, this boot was propelled onto everyone’s TV screen.  Since then, it has gone onto have many changes to its design, but it’s still probably the best lightweight boot out there.  Now made famous by the other Ronaldo.

  1.  Adidas Predators

    This is it.  This is the boot that had the biggest impact on the soccer boot world market.  The most innovative and distinctive boot ever made.  Back in 1994, ex-player Craig Johnston worked with Adidas to make this boot a reality.  From the first boot that felt like you were kicking with an off-road tyre on your foot, it has come a long way!  Since then it has been popular with the likes of Steven Gerrard and most famously, David Beckham.  The ‘Touch’ and ‘Accelerator’ are my favourites.  Pick yours…..


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