The Merging Styles of Sneakers and Soccer Cleats / Soccer Boots

As early as 10 years ago, multi-colored soccer boots were still frowned upon by many in the soccer world.  “You better be a player with those cleats on!” would be the standard banter thrown at anyone brave enough to have any color of cleat other than black.

10 years on, and you have to look quite hard to actually find a pair of black soccer cleats.  The progression over the past 10 years has gone from black and white cleats to black cleats with color, to white cleats, to multi-colored cleats.

But as this multi-colored transformation has been happening, the sports companies have realized that just like the sneaker culture (that is also growing bigger and bigger), soccer players love to wear shoes/cleats/sneakers that express their individual personalities and styles.  It makes players feel special.

The cleats you wear are a statement. They’re a description of yourself.  They’re a statement of your personality.  Check out this David Luiz (Chelsea, formerly PSG) video explaining the sneaker culture:

This sneaker culture is already huge in other sports, such as basketball.  People queue for hours to get the latest Jordan limited editions.  Everyday players are passionate about whether they have the new pair of Kobe’s, Le Bron’s or Jordan’s.  Their loyalty to one style over another goes deep!  This is going the same way in soccer.

James Harden
The gap and crossover between sports and fashion is narrowing all the time.  The sneaker fashion in basketball is already huge, as James Harden perfectly illustrates.

Michael Jordan and Neymar Jr., two of the biggest sporting names of all time, have partnered through Nike to create cross over sports designs.  Take Neymar’s Hypervenom’s and mix it with Jordan 5’s and you get this unbelievable looking soccer cleat:

neymar and jordan
Jordan and Neymar, two of the biggest sporting names of all time, have partnered through Nike to create cross over sports designs
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Basketball and Soccer coming together.  Soccer and Sneakers coming together.

Adidas have gone the other way, and made classic soccer shoes into a funky looking street sneaker.

Whilst arguably the biggest merger of soccer and sneaker style has come from Nike with the Revolution Soccer Pack which pays homage to the iconic Air Max.  They have transformed their soccer cleat collection of the Tiempos, Mercurials, Hypervenoms, Magista and FootballX  into four different Air Max styles which look like the most stylish colorways that Nike have made for a very long time!

Either way, like it or not, the worlds of sneakers and soccer cleats are rapidly merging together, which is a really exciting prospect for all those soccer players out there that love to show off their own personal style and flava!

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  1. Those Adidas shoes look fantastic. Great inspiration from the classic cleats.

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