Sports development through focused after school programs

After school is a perfect time for elementary and junior high students to experience individual and team sports, regardless of their skill level and experience.

Quality after school sports activities provide a number of benefits for kids that want to experience a sport. They keep kids active, build social connections, camaraderie and confidence. Led by experienced coaches with sports specific curriculum, the kids have the opportunity to develop skills and learn a sport in a no-pressure, less competitive environment.

StriveFar believes there is a need for quality, single sport focused after school clinics.

We validated this belief by partnering with Cherry Creek Academy in Englewood Colorado to develop a 4-day after school basketball curriculum. 25 kids with a wide range of skill level and experience participated in the 4-day after school basketball clinic led by Coach Solomon Yearby.

Check out the feedback provided by the athletic director and basketball coaches from Cherry Creek Academy.




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