Sports development through focused after school programs

After school is a perfect time for elementary and junior high students to experience individual and team sports, regardless of their skill level and experience.

Quality after school sports activities provide a number of benefits for kids that want to experience a sport. They keep kids active, build social connections, camaraderie and confidence. Led by experienced coaches with sports specific curriculum, the kids have the opportunity to develop skills and learn a sport in a no-pressure, less competitive environment.

StriveFar believes there is a need for quality, single sport focused after school clinics.

We validated this belief by partnering with Cherry Creek Academy in Englewood Colorado to develop a 4-day after school basketball curriculum. 25 kids with a wide range of skill level and experience participated in the 4-day after school basketball clinic led by Coach Solomon Yearby.

Check out the feedback provided by the athletic director and basketball coaches from Cherry Creek Academy.




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Joshua is married with three active children. He has experienced the good, the bad, and the politics of youth sports as a coach (12 years youth basketball coach) and a parent. All three kids have played soccer (Competitive, Development Academy, ECNL, High School) and basketball (Competitive & High School). Joshua is a co-founder at StriveFar, a marketplace connecting athletes with coaches for individual and small group training. Joshua has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver since 2008. Joshua holds an undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Colorado and an MBA in IT from the University of Denver.

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