Soccer: Ball Control Drills

The Winter and Summer  months are very important for a soccer player’s individual development and growth. The focus moves from team play to individual technique and improving the player’s touch. Coaches stress the importance of technique, touch, and ball control. These concepts are critical as the athlete progresses, and simply stated,  success is only achieved through the repetition of the drill/technique.

Each week StriveFar will post a collection of soccer drills on our blog that have been curated from the Internet that focus on a certain soccer concept.

Parents, feel free to work with your athlete on these drills  but it is also important for the athlete to show initiative and accountability by working on their own.

Once they are  confident about a move or drill encourage your athlete to post a picture or video on Twitter and tag @realstrivefar  or Instagram and tag @strivefar showing their mastery of the drill!

Ball Skills

We are starting with 4 videos demonstrating ball control and footwork drills. Each video progresses from easy to advanced. It is important for the athlete to go slow and focus on technique. As the athlete becomes comfortable with the drill their speed will increase.

16 foot drills: Focus improve touch, control,  and speed

Created by Vogel Soccer Mastery

25 foot drills: Focus on touch, skill, and fitness

Created by Joner 1 on 1

17 foot drills part 1 (1-8): Focus on ball control  

Drills created by Youth Coaching DK The athlete demonstrating the drills foot skills are impressive.

17 foot drills part 1 (9-17)

Check out Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ball Control


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