The Importance Of Self-Confidence In Sports

Self-confidence removes fear and doubt and allows the athlete to play loose, aggressive, and most importantly without the fear of failure. There is no question that an athlete’s self-confidence correlates to their performance in practice and games.

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StriveFar Co-Founder talks about his experience finding a private coach for his son

Finding the right coach for personal training was a very important step in this direction. Sports training is not one and done, but rather a continuous and long-term process. The relationship with a personal coach needs to be and should be approached as long term as well. ​

Affordable Alternative to Summer Sports Camps

Summer is a time for staying up late, sleeping in, and hanging out with friends. This is generally the off-season for most sports. Athletes playing competitive sports and wanting to get better at their sport use the off-season to improve their fundamentals, technique, speed, strength, and agility. The commitment and intended outcomes during the summer Read more about Affordable Alternative to Summer Sports Camps[…]

Calling All Youth Soccer Clubs in the USA – An Open Letter from USWNT Legend Tiffeny Milbrett

I am absolutely dismayed and angered about the utter lack of policies and rules to regulate what is absolutely rampant and wrong in youth soccer regarding clubs tampering with and recruiting players from other clubs during a competitive season.

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Benefits Of Team Coaching & Individual Coaching In Soccer – Tiffeny Milbrett

The StriveFar team had the opportunity to meet with Director of Coaching for The Colorado Storm to discuss the benefits of team and individual coaching in soccer. Tiffeny has an IMPRESSIVE resume and her own Wikipedia Page.  Take a minute to watch the video – the video is short but the insight is thoughtful and extremely Read more about Benefits Of Team Coaching & Individual Coaching In Soccer – Tiffeny Milbrett[…]

5 Soccer Drills for the Backyard

Heading All these drills are designed to be done in your backyard, when you have a spare half an hour before dinner or when you’re bored.  They all focus on some sort of ball control and will enable you to be so much more comfortable with the ball.  Just go out for a kick about, Read more about 5 Soccer Drills for the Backyard[…]

What To Do When Your Private Coaching Session Has Finished

Pretty much all the hard work has been done now. You’ve spent a while preparing the session, planning awesome and personalised drills for your athlete(s).  The session has been delivered in a fun, dynamic, well paced and informative way and now you can reap the rewards! Once the session is finished, you’ll probably get that warm-fuzzy Read more about What To Do When Your Private Coaching Session Has Finished[…]

Has the concept of Play been truly lost in America?

  At school I was always about 5 metres away from a soccer ball.  If I didn’t have one in my bag, then my mates did.  If we weren’t in lessons, we were on the school tennis courts with our bags as goalposts, scuffing up my trainers.  I went through a pair every couple of Read more about Has the concept of Play been truly lost in America?[…]

Be Honest, Are You Organising Or Coaching?

We’ve all been there.  Laid out a few cones.  Told our athletes how the drill works.  And they’re doing it.  They’re focused, they’re enjoying the drill, they hit some good shots and do things successfully.  Parents are looking on at little Johnny because he’s playing so well. Awesome – we’re coaching!  Job done! Well unfortunately Read more about Be Honest, Are You Organising Or Coaching?[…]

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