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The team environment is similar to the classroom. If the child is struggling with a technique or concept, the most efficient path to improvement is one to one or small group instruction from a qualified instructor.

What To Do When Your Private Coaching Session Has Finished

Pretty much all the hard work has been done now. You’ve spent a while preparing the session, planning awesome and personalised drills for your athlete(s).  The session has been delivered in a fun, dynamic, well paced and informative way and now you can reap the rewards! Once the session is finished, you’ll probably get that warm-fuzzy Read more about What To Do When Your Private Coaching Session Has Finished[…]

How to Encourage Communication in Youth Soccer

During my year of soccer coaching in Denver, Colorado I have been startled at how loud and rambunctious a group of players can be off the field, yet as soon as they step over that line onto the pitch, a painful silence pollutes the air. On one side of the pitch, you have the loudest Read more about How to Encourage Communication in Youth Soccer[…]

To Sit or Not To Sit

Let’s face it, we spend A LOT of time sitting, watching and cheering our kids on as they play whatever sport it is they enjoy. It can be stressful, exciting, nerve racking and sometimes even bitter sweet. The question for everyone of us is, what to sit on or not to sit on?….. What you Read more about To Sit or Not To Sit[…]

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