How To: Strike A Soccer Ball

At StriveFar our goal is to inform, enlighten, and to educate.  If we can add a bit of humor and levity, BONUS!

Here is Coach Nick “Macca” demonstrating the proper way to strike a soccer ball. In these photos Nick is clearly wearing Nike soccer boots but this not a StriveFar endorsement.

If you are looking for boots visit our partners at Soccer Stop!

Step 1: Sideways run-up


Step 2: Arms start to engage on run-up


Step 3: Aggressive & big step next to the ball


Step 4: Correct arm and foot placement before contact


Step 5: Connect with toe knuckle


Step 6: Follow-through with ankle locked and toes pointed down


Step 7: Kicking foot swings through instead of going to ground for extra power


Step 8: Land on kicking foot


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  1. Nice work Macca, and remember to keep your head down over the ball whilst you strike it and then, like you say, make sure you have a great follow through and you’ll be bursting nets all over the place!!!

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