End of Game Snacks

When the kids were young, part of the parent’s responsibility was an end of game snack/drink.  Each week a different team member was in charge of bringing some kind of snack and drink for all the players after their game.   Then somewhere between the age of U8 and U10, the team snacks go away.  However, end of game nutrition is very important.  On average a soccer players runs about 7 miles in 90 minutes per game.  (Give or take a mile depending on the position they play).  Typically midfielders run the most, and forwards and defenders running less.   It is important to refuel their bodies after their games and even practices.  Some drink options to consider after a game might include chocolate milk, coconut water or a sports drink.  Great options for snacks might be a bagel, peanut butter sandwich or granola bar.  Adding a fruit such as an apple or banana is always good too.  Be sure to look at the labels though.  Many sport drinks and granola bars can be high in sugar.  I personally like to give my kids chocolate milk and a KIND bar.

So just because your kid(s) are older… does not mean we should not have them pack their own snack and drink.  Consuming a nutritional snack at the end of a game will help keep your player(s) energy high and help refuel their body for recovery.

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