Do We (the founders) use StriveFar?

As one of the founders of StriveFar, I am frequently asked if I use StriveFar. The answer is “absolutely!” – Vipanj Patel

My most recent example is this summer, where we have been using some of the coaches on StriveFar for private clinics with my kids and their teammates/friends, instead of attending camps.

My kids (12 year old son and 13 year old daughter both play for The Colorado Storm South) have attended Storm & Coerver camps for the past 5-6 years. This summer, I asked them which camps they wanted to attend.

The answer: “none”

The reason: camps are repetitive (same stuff each year) and what they teach isn’t specific to the areas where they need improvement. My kids also felt that some of the camps are too long, and as a result they don’t get the full benefit b/c they are too tired after the first half of the day.

(Side note, but this was also a good reminder that I don’t give my kids enough credit. It never occurred to me that they may have opinions on what’s best for them! 🙂

I asked my co-founder Nick for some recommendations on coaches that use StriveFar, showed my kids the bios and asked if they would like to do a private clinic with their teammates/friends. I got big smiles, so I had them explain what they would like to work on in the clinics and sent the info to the coaches.

The coaches gave me feedback on the kid’s ideas, and – this was very cool – they recommended the number of kids that would be ideal for the clinics, given the areas where they wanted to improve. Based on the feedback we set up:

  • 2 week clinic (10 sessions, 90 minutes each, playing from back, attacking, finishing) for my son and 7 of his friends/teammates (8 total)
  • 1 week clinic (5 sessions, 90 minutes each, ball control, shooting, first touch, individual skills) for my daughter and 4 of her friends (5 total). We just finished these clinics, and the kids had a blast. ​


The feedback I received from the other parents was the most interesting.

They were blown away with the improvement – in the kid’s skills and confidence – they saw in just a couple of weeks.Some of the parents commented that the kids learned more in these 2 weeks than they did the entire last season with their club coach. A couple of the parents asked if we could do it again, so I ran it by the group and everyone is interested in setting up another set of sessions right before the season starts.​

The feedback from the kids

“That was really cool and a lot of fun”

“I hope we remember all these things when the season starts” 

“We didn’t look very good the first day, but I feel like we passed better today and were really playing from the back”

“I was trying really hard to receive the ball across my body so I didn’t have to do any more pushups”


I am new to this world of private training, but I am blown away at how these coaches are able to connect with the kids and really teach them when the kids to coach ratio is reasonable. It is no different than what a student learns from a classroom versus a private tutor, it just took me a while to figure it out!

My message is longer than I expected, and I apologize. But I hope you found it useful. If you have any questions, or if I can be of any help please reach out to me. Enjoy the rest of the summer and if you see a guy in a StriveFar shirt on the fields in a month or so, please stop me and say hi! 🙂

Take care,

Vipanj (V)

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Vipanj is co-founder of StriveFar, a service that connects coaches and athletes for individual and small group training. Prior to StriveFar, Vipanj was co-founder of iSherpa Capital, a venture capital firm where he served as Managing Partner for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in building and operating technology businesses, having served on over 10 boards to help guide the companies to a successful exit. Vipanj is a former member of the Colorado Venture Capital Association. He is a recipient of the Howard Hughes Fellowship and has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California and a JD from Georgia State University.

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