When I first started private coaching, I concentrated very much on the technical aspects of the game.  But, a few months in, I realised I was missing a trick. That is the trick of sport psychology. Here are a few common problems that lots of athletes have problems with andRead More →

Widely collected by endurance athletes, data is becoming increasingly valuable in team sports. Athletic performance is half art, half science, and half luck. The luck part is out of your control, and the art comes from experience. But the science is one aspect that every coach can better utilize. But getting good data onRead More →

When the kids were young, part of the parent’s responsibility was an end of game snack/drink.  Each week a different team member was in charge of bringing some kind of snack and drink for all the players after their game.   Then somewhere between the age of U8 and U10, theRead More →

by Erik Imler It’s rare that I find myself with opportunities to talk ‘shop’ for extended periods of time. When I say extended periods of time, I mean hours and hours on end over the course of consecutive days. In fact, I don’t think it has ever happened….until last week. I wasRead More →