Are You Standing Out Among Your Peers At Tryouts?

What do coach look for when they choose players at tryouts?

Coaches look for a couple of key factors when they evaluate players at tryouts.

  1. What, if anything, is unique about the player that distinguishes him from peers?
  2. How well rounded or “complete” is the player?

First, coaches look for the following:

  • Exceptional dribbling abilities
  • Field vision,
  • Technique
  • First touch
  • Simple parameters like size, speed, strength (unfortunately, coaches often skip soccer specific factors and go straight to physical parameters)

Completeness of the player is considered the most important factor: in modern soccer you cannot afford to have player who is a really good dribbler but doesn’t understand the game, or who has great field vision but cannot defend. A modern game player must be able to perform multiple different functions at high level during the entire match.

A “Complete Player” is both technically and physically strong but also understands the game, is able to see the big picture and the purpose each action on the field. This player, during a match, will make high number of correct decisions and will be very influential in the game both on offense and defense.

How can you train to be a complete player?

Training should include technical and tactical work under constantly increasing pressure. Players need to learn basic tactical activities without any pressure and then the level of pressure should constantly increase challenging player’s ability to think and play fast.

The key, the player must be constantly focused on very specific tactical nuances and coaches constantly remind him/her the key points. So it becomes very high intensity and diligent training – only this kind of training will challenge player and make him/her better.

Very often coaches focus on details that in a big scheme are irrelevant to a players development – corner kicks, goal kicks (punting the ball as far as possible) single lines with very few touches…. Irrelevant drills will eventually frustrate the players and parents. Players lose the passion and love for the sport when there is a lack of stimulation and challenge and as result stop progressing.


How is approach SIQ different?

Many parents and players want extra training that will help them to move to another level, a higher team, and supplement their team training.

Soccer IQ Academy offers top level soccer training to players who are serious about soccer! Our training is focused on individual skills and improving players efficiency on the field!

Based on the training deficiencies we see at the club and high school level we have created a curriculum focused on developing players’ awareness on the field and understanding of the game!

Our high pace and focused on details practices are proven to improve a player’s ability to play fast under pressure and always look for best options on the field!!

Guest Contributor: Tolya Rubtsov | SIQ Academy

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