5 Ways Coaches Have Been Stiffed


/stif/   cheat (someone) out of something, especially money.


Question: Have you ever been stiffed, unable to collect from a service you have provided?  We hope the answer is no, but based on feedback we have received from coaches over the past 18 months that provide private training, the answer is generally YES!

It is disappointing when you work very hard to deliver an outstanding service to your client and get burned. Most coaches provide their services, assuming the client will pay, based on a mutual understanding or verbal agreement.

Trying to collect for a completed session can be difficult, demoralizing, and potentially more effort than it is worth.

We conducted hundreds of interviews prior to starting StriveFar and collecting payment was the number one issue coaches faced.

We decided to share the 5 most common ways coaches, prior to using StriveFar, have been stiffed!

(1) No Payment

No payment, not one penny, is the most common non-payment experience for coaches.

  • The parent forgets to bring payment for the session and promises to make it up at the next session. The next session never takes place or the parent conveniently forgets.  Outcome, the coach is not paid.
  • Athlete is dropped off and the parent forgets to give him/her money to pay for the session.

The coach may track the parent down for payment but asking for money after the fact is very uncomfortable.

(2) Partial Payment

The coach receives partial payment for the session. Yes, this actually happens, and often. Example: The parent shows up 15 minutes late for the session, and since there is only 45 minutes left, the parent will only pay for 75% of the one-hour session.  This becomes an uncomfortable negotiation and the coach generally gives-in.

(3) Negotiate the rate

Prior to the start of the session or at the conclusion of the session, when it is time to pay, the parent acts surprised at the cost and attempts to negotiate the rate. Coach is put in a very uncomfortable situation, especially if the athlete is present.

(4) Check Bounces

Parent pays for the session with a check and the check bounces.  No explanation needed.

(5) Athlete No Show / No Payment

Coach organizes a series of sessions with a group of athletes. The athletes commit to participate in all of the sessions and pay at the start of each session. Athletes do not show up for a session due to weather, schedule conflict, lack of interest….. Since the parent did not pre-pay  for all of the sessions, the coach has a difficult time collecting the fee for the missed session.

The Answer

There is a path to payment for each situation but it can be uncomfortable, there is a chance of losing the client, and most important – cash for services rendered on a court or field does not always feel legitimate.

StriveFar legitimizes the process and you get paid 100% of the time. You focus on providing an amazing experience; we will focus on the business.

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Joshua is married with three active children. He has experienced the good, the bad, and the politics of youth sports as a coach (12 years youth basketball coach) and a parent. All three kids have played soccer (Competitive, Development Academy, ECNL, High School) and basketball (Competitive & High School). Joshua is a co-founder at StriveFar, a marketplace connecting athletes with coaches for individual and small group training. Joshua has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver since 2008. Joshua holds an undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Colorado and an MBA in IT from the University of Denver.

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