31 Soccer Gifts for Kids and Big Kids

Here is a whole load of ideas for anyone that has a person in their life that loves soccer.  From cheap to expensive, from big to small, there should be something for everyone in here!

1. Kick coach – for perfecting their strike

These are a great little innovation and really help with finding that sweet spot and creating muscle memory.

2.  Soccer boots – for playing your best

adidas-predator-acceleratorSelect the right cleat for your kid here.  These guys offer one of the best ranges of high and low-priced soccer boots in the US.  If you need a bit of help working out what is what, check out this guide to the world’s best soccer boots.

3.  Jersey – for supporting your favorite team, player or country

Check out all the best soccer tops in the world right here.

4.  FIFA Xbox game – for the gamers

The latest FIFA game for your soccer mad gamers.  Or splash out and buy the bundle.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9gCsoom2e0]

5.  Vintage Soccer Jerseys – for looking fresh

Check out this awesome vintage soccer jersey online shop.  This has all the classics from all over the world.  So much to choose from!

6.  Mini Soccer-goal – for Shooting Accuracy

Difficult to wrap up but a great gift for the back yard.  The added net on this Brava Goal really helps to improve shooting accuracy.

7. Water bottles – for no leakage and cool drinks in the heat of summer

Camelbak pretty much do the best range out there.  Whether it’s the Eddy glass for around the home and car, or the Podium Chill to keep your drinks cool on those hot summer days.  You can’t go wrong.

 8. Temporary Tattoo – for jazzing your team up

Kids Soccer World and Zazzle have a nice range for you to choose from so your team can look awesome and feel good when they get on the field.

9.  Soccer balls – for practicing on their own

Check out this website for a huge range of soccer balls, including 34 of them in the $10-20 range.

10. Bean Bag – for lounging

Who doesn’t love a bean bag!  A great addition to any basement or bedroom.  Check them out here. 

11.  Cones – for setting up their own drills

Practise in your their own time with these bright coloured, durable cones.

12. Gloves and Snoods – for winter play

Got to keep those extremities warm with gloves and snoods when it gets a bit chilly! Makes playing in the cold no problem at all.

13.  Ladders and Hurdles – for Speed and Agility Training

These all in one Ladders and Hurdles are a great buy.  Sklz are a top brand too, so you’ll know you’re getting quality equipment.

14.  Indoor shoes – for not wrecking the other sneaks

Don’t go through a pair of shoes every 3 months.  Buy one pair that will stand up to the demands of a soccer playing kid!  Check some out here.

 15.  Beats headphones – for the long travelling

Let’s face it, playing soccer requires a lot of travel.  Splash out on these Wireless Beats Headphones – either the earphones or headphones, they’re both pretty cool. Ideal for encouraging a bit of exercising whilst listening to music too.

 16. FIFA mobile – for Apple or Android

If they love soccer, they’ll love having FIFA mobile on their phone or tablet.

17.  Training jackets – for rain, cold and looking great!

These offerings from Adidas will help you train and keep warm and dry in style.

18. Tickets to the World Cup 2018 Russia – for seeing the best of the best

Ok it’s a little bit lavish, but who wouldn’t want to go and see the World Cup! Get your tickets here.


19.  Headbands – for taming that mane

Nike and lululemon seem to have a pretty nice collection for keeping that hair under control.

20.  Soccer bags – for stashing dirty clothes, cleats and balls

Check out Dick’s to keep everything organised, clean and in the right place.

21.  Shoe balls – for refreshing the stinky shoe

Give the nose a rest this Christmas and add these to your shoes.

22. Lamp – for bedtime reading

Lots of different soccer lamps to get them all cozy and warm at night.


23. Rebound Trainer – for sharpening your touch

These are great and really help a players touch in their own back yard.  One offering is this from Goalrilla  and another option is this beauty from sklz.

24.  Scarf of favorite team – for keeping them warm

Pick from a great selection here to select your favourite team or country!

25.  iPhone case or laptop skin  – for a bit of good looking protection

Checkout redbubble for the best iPhone cases or laptop skins for that added protection and snappy appearance

26.  Soccer Fathead – for decorating their bedroom

These gifts are awesome and are the stuff of childhood memories (and adult!).  Gone are the days of cutting out from a magazine and sticking onto the wall!  Check them out at Fathead

27.  Soccer Sidekick – for training on your own

This is a superb addition to their individual training.  They can have hours of quality practice with the soccer sidekick and really improve their touch and striking.

28. Soccer Stadium Tour – for getting a professional player experience

There are many famous stadium tours throughout the world, some of the best being The Nou Camp (Barcelona), Bernabeu (Real Madrid), Old Trafford (Man. Utd), San Siro (AC and Inter Milan, but a bit closer to home is the Metlife stadium in New York.

 29. Soccer Piggy bank – for counting their pennies

A piggy bank is another fun addition to the bedroom and somewhere to save all their pocket-money – all with crowd cheering side effects!

30. Baselayers – for keeping the cold out

Another important piece of clothing to get through the cold festive season.  Check out your guide to base layers and also see which ones are the best here.  You can find a good selection here at Dick’s Sporting goods for men’s and women’s.

31. Socks – for keeping toasty and looking awesome

Everyone loves a good sock, and if they don’t, then they should! – especially for a stocking filler.  Check these out.

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